Peewee Football Champions

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Success Stories

The peewee football team that Jeff, a nine year old boy played on, was going to the national championships in Florida. Jeff’s foster parent was unable to afford the cost of this trip and he would have been unable to accompany his team,Due to your generous contributions, 4Montgomery’s Kids was able to pay for his trip and they won the national championship. In his words, “Thank you 4Montgomery’s Kids!!! We could not have done this without you!!!”


As always, we thank you our supporters for making our work possible. All the money you contribute goes directly towards helping the children as all administrative costs of 4Montgomery’s Kids are absorbed by our board members. We look forward to telling you about additional exciting ways your money has helped and to doubling our efforts in the upcoming year. Please, spread the word about our work and encourage others to support us with donations and house parties where we can bring youth to talk to you about their experiences and how 4Montgomery’s Kids has helped them.