What your money supports

  • Tuition for summer camp
  • Computers and books for college
  • Transportation to attend college classes
  • Recreational classes including for dance, art, and sports camps
  • Specialized classes in areas such as nursing, home care and cosmetology
  • Gas cards for parents to visit their children in foster care
  • Security deposits and furniture for those aging out of foster care
  • …and more!

No Request Too Big Or Too Small

Our services range from something as simple as buying a gift card for a birthday celebration, to sending a child to summer camp, to paying rent to prevent a young adult from becoming homeless when aging out of Child Welfare, to subsidizing transportation to get to a job.  

Thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, 4Montgomery’s Kids responds to requests made to us from Montgomery County social workers, who know the needs of each child and young person in their caseload. 


The support that 4Montgomery’s Kids provides has played an important role in helping children and young people succeed. We’ve helped children and youth of all ages, enabling them to do better in school, participate in new activities, and reach goals like learning trades or attending college. But as proud as we are about where our “kids” go when they leave us, our goal is not about where they end up. It is about giving these kids a little bit of normalcy here and now, for those everyday things they otherwise might not get.

Years Serving Children and Youth

Fulfilled Requests