Thank you!

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Success Stories, What your money supports

For over five years now and with the generous support of donors like you – THANK YOU SO MUCH! – 4 Montgomery’s Kids has helped close to 700 foster kids in the county’s Child Welfare System. But today these kids are more vulnerable than ever. Their schools, from elementary to college, are closed. They can’t participate in any of their favorite activities. They are even more uncertain about their futures than they ever were. While this is true of all the children in the county, children and youth in foster care are often in particularly precarious situations during this pandemic.
Our wonderful social workers are working remotely, still protecting children. We are working with them to be as responsive as we can to their requests for help. Here are just a few recent ones we have answered. We’ve:
– bought grocery store cards to help those having trouble getting food since many families are not working
– provided a laptop for a child who moved from one foster home to another in the midst of all this; she needed the laptop to keep up with schoolwork and her computer was at her old school 
– helped cover rent for a youth who is aging out of foster care and lost her job at a hair salon when it closed down
– helped a mother whose car broke down going to work; we paid to get her car fixed after the mechanic gave a reduced rate
– bought Metro cards, including one for a young woman who works as a nursing assistant but doesn’t have enough money to pay for rent, food, and transportation
– sent in deposits for children who want to go to camp this summer to hold their places until we find out if the camp will open
Sure, the past few weeks have been challenging for all of us, but foster kids are among the most vulnerable among us. Thank you to all who gave gifts to 4Montogmerys Kids so that we could help during this particularly difficult time