Get to Know our Social Workers

by | Nov 6, 2018 | News

This month we are saluting the social workers in the Transitioning Youth Services Unit, headed by Shari Zouhairi. These social workers develop and implement plans for youth who must leave the Child Welfare system at age twenty-one. The youth they work with have some of the greatest challenges facing children in the child welfare system.  The workers in this unit help these young people navigate among other things finding jobs, affordable housing and higher education.   They often ask 4MK to support these youth by providing money for housing deposits, transportation expenses, clothing for interviews, and books and laptops for school.
Most recently a social worker from this unit asked 4MK to help with the security deposit for a girl who is aging out of the system.  The girl was working and could pay the monthly rent but did not have the outlay for the security deposit. Keeping this girl from homelessness is but one of the miracles performed by the amazing workers in this unit.
Our hats are off to these dedicated workers who work so hard to help put these young people on the path to a successful future.  It is our great pleasure to help them do their jobs.