Foster Children Need Summer Camp Too!!

Do you remember the wonderful days of summer when you escaped from the city and had a fabulous new experience at camp, made new friends and tried new things? Or when you just spent a day with friends in a new setting? We at 4Montgomery’s Kids believe that children in the child welfare system should have those same experiences. We are asking you to help make that happen. This is an example of how meaningful camp experiences can be for these vulnerable young people. When asked what summer camp meant to her, “Cindy” replied: “Camp is all about friendship and meeting new people from all over the world. At camp, I’ve met people that have shaped me in ways I can’t imagine.”  Her social worker told us that since Cindy had been through so much after her pre-adoptive placement fell through that camp provided a great environment for her where she felt wanted, accepted and safe.

Here are some other camp requests we have been able to fill:
• A social worker asked for funds for camp for two siblings  who were sexually abused  so that they could have community and structure when school was out.  
• Another social worker requested camp for two boys who witnessed domestic violence.  The parents were separated  and the father was not contributing to the care of the children. Even though the mother works six days a week to provide for her children, she couldn’t afford camp.  The social worker felt the camp would really lift their spirits and make them feel just like the other kids in their neighborhood. 
• A young woman with depressive symptoms asked to go to a traveling teen camp.  Her social worker told us the new daily activities would increase her sense of self worth. 

Since our founding in 2014 we have sent 72 children to camp. As summer approaches and school starts to wind down thoughts are turning more and more to summer camp. The requests are starting to come in and will continue to grow. We do not want to deny any child this opportunity.  Anything you can give will go a long way to helping us make this happen.